Knapps Mist

Black And White Photography, Cheryl, Photography

Taken one morning at Knapps Narrows, a cut in Maryland that joins the Chesapeake Bay to the Choptank River. The bridge you see in the background, that connects people from the mainland to Tilghman Island,  is the busiest drawbridge in the US.

8 thoughts on “Knapps Mist

  1. Cheryl,

    Lovely photo.

    Every time you post something from the Eastern Shore you take me back in time. I spent my summers in the 1950s on the Bohemia River at the top of the Bay, and in the 1970s my wife and I had a place in St. Michaels. We sailed the upper Chesapeake, including the Tred Avon and the Choptank. We’ve been in Texas for almost 42 years now.

    Thanks for the memories.

    Don Simmons


  2. 💖 it!



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