One Good Tern…

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… deserves another.

These two Royal Terns were strolling along the beach together. They were in perfect step-for-step unison, black crowns swept back, beaks held high. Lookin’ good!

It was a fun photo, and I think all the more so finished in high key.

6 thoughts on “One Good Tern…

  1. Jane & Graham – I am happy you enjoyed the photo. Galveston Island is a wonderful place to photograph birds. There is a wonderful year-round population, and every April the island is a major refueling stop for birds heading back north from Latin America.


    1. Thanks Joe. It is always fun to see which photo will show up when it is my turn. I tend to forget what I sent you, and when my time comes around I look forward to being surprised by the picture you choose. Thanks for the time you put in to this wonderful website.

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