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This is an image of the interior of a new to me Bryston MPS-2 power supply for my Bryston BP-26 preamplifier taken with an iPhone 12 Pro Max. One of the things I love about this Canadian manufacturer of high end audio gear besides the 20 year warranty that comes standard is the quality of components they use and the care they take in their assembly process. I also love the sound of Bryston components.

5 thoughts on “Symmetry

    1. Thank you Sue 😊 It is a serious piece of kit. I’ve been an audiophile for about 50 years now. I guess you can say Ive got the needle in pretty deep 🤣 Back when I first got into high end audio components many years ago I never would have dreamed of spending this much money on something that just powers up a preamplifier. After purchasing it the sound improvement was worth the expense.

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