Sankt Peter-Ording Beach houses

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At the beach of St-Peter-Ording in Schleswig-Holstein, you can find these iconic houses. This beach is the broadest in Germany. Up to 2 kilometers from the surf to the dunes. This is, because of the gently sloping beach. Connecting to the beach, you have more than a kilometer walk from the dyke through the salt meadows and dunes to reach the beach. For visitors, they have established horse-drawn carriages to transport them to and back from the beach.

Because of the broad beach, one can quite easily be surprised by the rising flood when being too far from the safe part of the beach. Therefore, these stilt houses are set up to give you shelter from the sea and where you can wait for low tide to walk back to the town. You can find a couple of them distributed over the beach. Some of them even have a restaurant.

This image is taken at 300mm with my 35mm camera. So, you have an idea of how big the distances are here.

More of my images can be seen on my own blog.

4 thoughts on “Sankt Peter-Ording Beach houses

  1. COVID has turned some of my trip plans into dreams, but one plan was to fly to Hamburg and then go up to Schleswig-Holstein to Denmark. I hadn’t researched this area at all but from your photo and description it appears that the ‘in-between’ area is well worth some time. Thank you!

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