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This is a bucket. Ok, it a large bucket. It’s even a very large bucket and a tree has chosen this bucket to be his home.

I was standing on top of a blast furnace for taking this photo and the bucket is lined with stones to survive the heat of liquid iron that was once filled into this bucket. The bucket with the liquid iron or steel was set on a special railway car to bring the liquid steel to the foundry. Therefore it has hinges on the sides instead of a handle on the top to turn it over and spill the liquid steel in the foundry.

Over the last couple of weeks, I presented you with some images from inside a small former steel plant. The first parts were closed in the1980s, while the last parts were closed in the early 2000s. Nowadays, it’s a museum and it’s quite interesting to see, what polluted the air while I was a kid. Soon, I will go there again. My grandson will become 5 later this year. So, I guess, next year it will be possible to take him there and he will be able to understand at least some parts.

The images were taken back in 2009 when I was there with my kids. The youngest was 10 at that time.

More of my images can be seen on my own blog.

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