movements in the dark

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This is Praça do Comércio in Lisboa at night. Once, the place of the king of Portugal stood here, where you now can find the square. On November 1st, 1755 a huge earthquake destroyed many parts of Lisboa. Most of the destroyed parts of Lisboa were rebuilt afterwards, but not the palace. Instead this square was created as a connection from the Baixa Pombalina (inner old town reachable by going through the arch, you can see in the background) and the river Tejo right in my back.

Hint: before rebuilding Baixa Pombalina the buildings were probed if they would resist another earthquake by having soldiers marching around a model of the quarter. Marquis de Pombal, prime-minister and planner of the reconstruction of Lisboa, was a very foresighted man. Since that time the quarter has his name.

In the upper right corner, you can see the castle of Lisboa enthroned above the city and overseeing the city and the river.

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4 thoughts on “movements in the dark

    1. Thanks, Jane. These background stories are important to know them to be able to gauge the importance of a certain location. I believe, we can even learn from the experiences of the past for not redoing the failures of our ancestors

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