Down the pub with Dave

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20190727-untitled shoot-9-Edit-2

Before I actually get into this picture I would like to express my thanks to Joe. Joe owns this site. One day we’ll have a pint or two together. Just before I left for my annual holidays my old iMac finally gave up the ghost. I wrote and explained this to Joe – I prefer to do all my editing on a desktop. Joe took it all in his stride and found a very capable replacement for me while I haven’t been posting. So a big thank-you to Jane Laurie for filling in for me.
I’ll start with one of my favourite pictures from my holiday, a portrait of a very good mate taken on a very wet day at the Blue Bell Pub in York (It’s the UK’s smallest Pub).
Dave loves a “Pie and a Pint” as do I. We sat out of the rain enjoying ourselves for an hour or so. I took this    while sitting there and I  think it shows Dave’s fun loving nature.

Leica M9P
Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH
ISO 400
1/15 @ f/2,4
PP Silver Efex ProII

5 thoughts on “Down the pub with Dave

  1. Looks like Dave is having a great old time David, awesome image 👍🏻 You are quite welcome David I’m glad I could help in some way. It’s good to hear you are back up and running with a brand new Mac. I’d like to thank Jane and Didier also for filling in for you. Thank goodness we have a wealth of great photographers to turn to when plans go haywire.

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    1. Joe,
      In my rush I forgot to thank Didier. So thanks to him as well. The new Mac is doing well and is a bit zippier than my old iMac.- Joe it’s a great honour to be part of that wealth.

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