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…to go back to real film. None of this namby-pamby pixel nonsense…Well at least I met the urge half-way. To be a little serious a moment I just wanted to put a couple of films through my Hasselblad. I’ve finally found a local shop that processes C41 film. This shot however isn’t C41. I wanted to test the chemicals I had as well to see if they were ok.

Above you see a result. A table top shot of my pocket watch and my old but usable Yashica TLR.

For you film types still out there here’s what I did.

Camera: Hasselbald 203FE

Lens: Carl Zeiss 80mm f/2.8 FE on an E32 Extension tube.

Exposure: Unrecorded f/11 at something. Natural light, slow enough to blur the second hand on the watch.

Film: Rollei RPX100

Dev: 59 mins stand-developed (The lazy mans development method.Pour in and forget for an hour).in Adox Ardonal mixed 1+100. fixed and washed as normal.

Scan: Epson V700 using Silverfast SW. Using a Betterscanning.com holder.

Everything else Lightroom.


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