Brooklyn Winter Flea Market

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My wife and I had last Saturday off from work and whilst looking for something to do indoors on a blistering cold winter morning with windchills driving down the temperature into the single digits we found ourselves at what was the old Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower in Brooklyn.
What a treat it was considering the unique architecture of this iconic building. Completed in the late 1920’s in a modernised Byzantine-Romanesque style with 63 foot vaulted ceilings this place could have been a church!
Considering I was heading to a flea market I did not carry any of my Nikon’s and as the old saying goes the best camera is the one you have with you, I used my Google Pixel for this shot.

14 thoughts on “Brooklyn Winter Flea Market

    1. Thank you. They did have a few interesting things for sale too but once I saw the architecture I was too busy looking around that I ended up buying nothing!

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    1. I agree and await with patience! Convenient too as at times I am just too lazy to carry my camera along and those days I’d just berate myself for being lazy but now my phone just comes in handy and I am less mad at myself!

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  1. WOW what an amazing building and image AJ 🙂 I’m beginning to hate the winters in NY because sooner or later you run out of indoor places to go. Great image and thanks for the tip on where to go next time the mercury drops.

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    1. Thank you Joe. Yes, truly an amazing building and I have no doubt you and your lens will appreciate its beauty in person. I am no fan of the cold either and although this winter has been mild I was tired of it 3 months ago!

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