Misty Mountains of Kandy

alakajay, Black And White Photography, Photography


Kandy, the hill capital of the Island of Sri Lanka was also the Kingdom of Kandy from 1469 till 1815, rich in history, culture and biodiversity the city has a very special place in my heart having been my childhood home

13 thoughts on “Misty Mountains of Kandy

  1. Grew up there. I often enjoyed my morning walk to school – lush hills, oxygen laden air. Back then it was peaceful, serene and I loved it. Sad to say, I highly dislike the place now. It’s turned out to be an unorganized city with so many busy streets, smoke and humidity 😦 Zinara


    1. Thank you! The ability to shoot RAW is a blessing. The initial shot seemed a throwaway but moving the shadows and highlights revealed more of the horizon than I could see with my eyes.


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