I still believe…

Black And White Photography, David, Photography


I still believe that film is the best medium for black and white. Maybe I’m a luddite. Ironically this was shot on my Leica M9P. However I still shoot film, although at the moment I have a big box in my freezer cozying up to some fish and a couple of frozen Haggises (Or should that be Haggai). I keep making plans to have a rummage it’s just I haven’t got around to it this past year. But never fear I will get around to it …some day :0)

Leica M9P

Summilux 35mm f1.4 ASPH

13 thoughts on “I still believe…

  1. I’d love to watch you, or other film photographers, work.
    I used film too, but in an old Kodak that wasn’t very good.
    And I never developed my own film


      1. I cut my teeth on the early main-frame computers – programming in ALGOL and DOS. Still happy with computers but drawing the line in the sand with smartphones and tablets – just work on a need to know basis…


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