Trees and Roots

Black And White Photography, Charly, Photography


15 thoughts on “Trees and Roots

  1. Wonderful image Charly I love the dramatic aspect to it 😀 I’m afraid Emilio is correct those roots are way to dangerous for an old mountain goat like me, LOL. Superb work.


    1. I assure Joe that path is for all ages, this is the big advantage of photography, we can dramatize scenarios that are not so. With a vertical light and color, you seem a little path for children 😀 Joe thank you very much for your comment

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    1. In the forest we must always be careful, but these forests are very humanized, nothing to do with its tremendous forests in California. Emilio thank you very much for your concern about my health! 😀


      1. Well, I’ve been to only one forest in California, Yosemite. And it’s humanized to a certain degree. But still lots of wild animals and we did spot a bear cub when we were there. Plus during one early morning hike I slipped on a large boulder near a stream and almost ended up in the water. Could have been a lot worse. So, yeah, you be careful out there and I’ll take my own advice out this way! 🙂

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    1. In my country this film that you’re referring was called “Club Dead Poets”, and surely there is some similarity, since my photography and that film, talk about times that are finished.
      Thank you very much for your comment.


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