Amish Horsepower

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One of my favorite holiday destinations to getaway from the hubbub of New York life has turned out to be Lancaster, Pennsylvania a few hours drive from home. The Amish are a fascinating group of people who have somehow persisted and resisted the advances of modern day and still live like it used to be. While they do not fancy posing for photographs my recent visit armed with a 600mm lens helped capture this image from a distance.

15 thoughts on “Amish Horsepower

  1. Wonderful capture. Growing up in Iowa this was a typical scene near several communities near my home. You could always tell an Amish home in the country side because they had no electric wires leading attached to the home.


  2. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to visit an Amish community. However I have followed their lifestyle closely and it is so different from the way we live.

    This picture depicts one of their main characteristics. Everything is done by hand, specially agriculture work and transportation. Their furniture is lovely and I would buy anything made by them, but I am far away from the States.

    Lovely picture with a wonderful subject—the Amish people. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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  3. Lancaster is one of my favorite places to visit also AJ and you captured the manual labor lifestyle perfectly in this image 🙂 Next time you visit try doing the covered bridges circuit. Maps are available at the Lancaster visitor center and it takes about 1 to 2 hours of driving to visit all of the covered bridges. Good photo opportunities also. Awesome work AJ.

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    1. Thank you Joe. I will sure take your advice. I have passed by some of the covered bridges but never spent much time but sure is a thought for our next visit out there.


    1. Thank you Sharon, I have visited Amish communities in Iowa, Indiana and of course Lancaster, PA but somehow never in Ohio – I need to check it out for sure

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