Here She Comes!

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Mobile Photography


It was early in the morning in Greensboro, NC and I was in town to shoot a wedding.  Even when traveling, I try to stick to my exercise plan and since I’m moving very fast to  burn calories, I did not have my camera.  I did, however, have my phone.

Somehow, I ended up between the train tracks, and when the train appeared, I was more worried about getting arrested than about being injured.  As I waved at the Conductor, I’m sure he was thinking “that woman is just not right”.

2 thoughts on “Here She Comes!

  1. We’ve known for quite some time now that you were “just not right” Laurie, LOL. I wish railroad tracks were a little more accessable on Long Island so I can get some classic rail shots. They are usually on raised platforms or fenced off because most of the commuter trains into Manhattan do not use diesel locomotives, they are powered electrically and the deadly “3rd rail” is in use. The only place diesels are used is on the very rural east end of the Island. Beautiful work Laurie 🙂


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