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20 thoughts on “SEA / SEE

    1. Thanks ! This is due to the magic time of January France North Coast light… Next year, I really want to spend more time in this area for shooting and filming..

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    1. Thanks a lot Patti ! You know this kind of sky… I was at the third floor of a house, around 12, 13 meters above the sea, so I could see the swell and its forms almost the same as the sky…It was so nice…


        1. Yes absolutely ! And surprisingly I prefer, on the Normandy coast, the light of January / February than the spring one and even worse summer one !!!!!!


      1. T’s not the luminous light of Canary Islands :-)) it’s a more somber one, more tormented… North light, South light I love the both !!!


    1. Huuuum I think I posted it by mistake…Sorry for that…As I don’t mastering WordPress and its UI, I do thing I don’t want !! Next time I will checked twice…But thanks for your feed back ! It was on January on the Normandy Coast…Very nice light…

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        1. Ouuuuuppps… Yesterday I returned from the shooting from my new short “Outside”, in a beautiful spot (St Aubin sur Mer, near Caen) we shoot in a 1900 house which is front of the sea..So the return to the ordinary reality and the Paris environment alter my judgment !!!!!! :-))

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