NY in B & W

Black And White Photography, Emilio, Photography
Image by Raffaello and Emilio Pasquale

Image by Raffaello and Emilio Pasquale

I always feel like I’m cheating a bit by posting images taken by my father. But he really liked this image when he saw what I did and asked if I was going to post it. So what could I say? No? I don’t want to disappoint him. I think he should start his own blog. But, then, he is my dad! I have to be supportive.

Anyway, he went back east in December of last year with my grandparent’s ashes. He buried them in the sand of Coney Island where they first met around 1938. Funny story- well, not ha-ha-funny- but when they wanted to get married, my grandmother’s father said “over my dead body”. And two days before they got married, he died. Major heart attack!

Let that be a lesson to anyone ever tempted to use that phrase again.

For color photo’s taken by me- and a few by my dad- please check out Photos By Emilio!


18 thoughts on “NY in B & W

  1. Thanks, Laurie. I never really believed that story until one day my great aunt- my grand mother’s sister- told me it was true.


  2. Again with the story telling! You know how much I like hearing them, Emilio. Two fascinating pieces of family history: the heart attack after the over my dead body comment, and taking of the ashes to Coney Island.
    Your father’s photo with your assist, is excellent, too.


  3. No wonder the song “New York” made classical by Frank Sinatra is so popular the world over. This city has a charm that mesmerizes people. I was there for only 15 days, but I will remember its flavor forever. Glad you posted your dad’s photograph of the Big Apple. Thanks for sharing.




    1. I wonder if people who live in New York love that song as much as everyone else because I lived and worked in New York for most of my life and never enjoyed it too much. The pace is just too fast for me. But there sure is a lot of beauty there.


  4. You would think being a New Yorker I would be sick of seeing images of the Manhattan skyline. This is a perfect example of why I never get tired of seeing them. What a gorgeous image. Awesome work Raffaello and Emilio 🙂


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