Racing The Storm

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Racing the storm.  I happened to find a moment where the rain wasn’t pouring down.  While I was dry, relatively speaking, at this moment I had been standing in the pouring rain with my camera waiting for the right shot for quite a long time.  Well, that might not have been the best idea.  Don’t let the big marketing machine fool you.  The weather resistance of the Canon 7D isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  This turned out to be a very expensive picture after my camera crapped out and needed a quick trip back to Canon to fix a little “moisture” issue.  See more images at

14 thoughts on “Racing The Storm

  1. Brilliant shot Wade, those magnificent clouds with the riders in their silver streak. So sorry to hear about your camera, know the feeling . . . . . The thing is though that bad weather makes for some truly great photo ops but I am never taking my Fuji out again in anything hinting at a sprinkle. The old Canon, it loves a good get out! Think I might invest in one of these rain sleeves though.


    1. Thanks Patti. I do love how storms make such great skies. I would definitely recommend the rain sleeve. They aren’t the coolest looking thing but definitely much cheaper than a trip to the repair shot.


  2. Hello Wade:

    The shot was worth the waiting, albeit the cost to take it was a bit steep in search of a better term. I understand you can buy a waterproof case for Canon cameras. Maybe that would do the trick on your next rainy shooting spree.

    All the photograph is worth looking at, specially the different tones and shapes of the clouds. Way to go!




    1. Thanks Omar. Turns out that you can buy a $5.00 rain sleeve that covers the camera and lens. Trust me I carry one of those everywhere now.


  3. This is a spectacular image Wade but I’m really sorry to hear about the camera 😀 I was always tempted to take my Fuji X-T1 out in the pouring rain but now I am a little hesitant (It’s also advertised as weather sealed). Great work.


    1. You can never trust the marketing folks. This makes me wonder how those Nat Geo photographers do it. I guess they have several cameras and clean them every night. I’m totally afraid to take my X100 out in the rain since they don’t even claim that it’s weather sealed. Live and learn.

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    1. The weather sealed lens handled the rain like a charm. Now the camera has to live in a plastic bag at the first sign of rain. Canon marketing fail.


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