Water Therapy

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… and to be perfectly honest, there was plenty of wine therapy, too!

For a few more photos from a lovely wine weekend, check out this post on Life on Bike and Other Fab Things

24 thoughts on “Water Therapy

    1. you know, at first I focused on the water drops and the image just wasn’t clicking for me. Then I decided to focus on the base and it all ame together. so glad you liked it!

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    1. Mark, you are so right … I was sitting out on that patio, sipping from a lovely glass of wine, and the fountain just kept drawing me in. I’m glad you agreed that it worked well for this blog!


    1. David, I wish I could take credit for how those drops look … I’m still the “lucky” photographer … sometimes in the right place / right time! Thank you!


  1. Love, love, love this shot!! I would frame this in a heartbeat, Laurie, to enjoy it in all its glory, including its zen-like effect. I’m 100% serious, so if you are at all interested in selling the image, I’ll be the first in line!


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