Venetian Gothic

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Whenever I had a paper due in school I would plagiarize from the World Book Encyclopedia. Not much has changed except Wikipedia has replace the World Book. So let me just dive in as if I actually know what I’m talking about.

Venetian Gothic is a term given to an architectural style that originated in 14th century Venice with the confluence (I would have substituted a plain, ordinary, everyday word here because no one I know talks like that. Confluence? What the…?) of Byzantine styles from Constantinople, Arab, and early Gothic forms from mainland Italy. The most iconic Venetian Gothic structure, the Doge’s Palace, includes traits of Gothic, Moorish, and Renaissance architectural styles.

None of the above has anything to do with the image above, as the image above is a photo taken a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The new world! We in the new world have a habit of duplicating and replicating and basically just plagiarizing every other culture in the world. But it’s not our fault. See, as a nation, we are made up of a lot of different ethnic type people from every other culture in the world. So it’s understandable! At least to me.

Maybe I should run for congress.

While I decide what my platform will be, please visit Photos By Emilio. We have images in every color to suit every mood!

40 thoughts on “Venetian Gothic

  1. Great shot, Emilio, despite it being a plagiarized version of the original! Enjoyed all the detail in the high res image too. As for Congress, we could use someone in there who doesn’t take himself too seriously 🙂 You could even start a much-needed new fashion trend! I’m with Joerg!


    1. Not only do I not take myself too seriously, I don’t take congress too seriously, either- which is probably a mistake. I am no longer red nor blue but pink with embarrassment over our congress and our president and the judicial and let’s not forget the pages and secretaries and anyone else who works in a government job! Do I still have your vote?

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    1. Thanks, Joerg. This is one of the rare times you will see me in a suit. I took my wife out last Friday for her birthday and wore jeans and a suit jacket. She looked gorgeous!


  2. “A Camera in Every Home” (not a bad platform). Mine will be (and we’ve already discussed this in my office) is to have everyone in the M-F world, work 10-12 hour days and have Weds off, thus being able to use Weds for chores and the weekend for play.
    Until you get elected, keep on shooting these images. Love the angle and perspective on this!!


    1. May I use your “Weds for chores” as part of my platform? I love it. I was all for a 3 day weekend but I think this makes more sense.


  3. While not a fan of Vegas, I do love your photo. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Venice. It’s like no other place on earth and a little magical as you float by the architecture that is slowly crumbling back into the sea. For this reason, you can spot a replica because it’s too perfect. I think American congress could use a shakeup, go for it ;D


    1. I am not a fan of Vegas, either, but I’m trying to make the best of it! 🙂 I have been looking at Debbie Smyth’s posts of Venice (at and know exactly what you’re talking about. All our replicas of other places (Paris and Venice, for example) look exactly like Disneyland.

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    1. I can only think of cynical retorts to running for or being a member of congress so I will abstain lest I become targeted by the NSA!


  4. You got me there. I actually thought I was looking at an original building in Venice. Anyway, whatever the building is, the photograph is sharp as a tack. Beautiful building and photograph as well. Congrats! I love architecture photography.


    1. Thanks, Omar. It’s part of the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! As for architectural photography, I’m beginning to like it, too. But how do you get different angles or pov?


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