Vista Cruising

Black And White Photography, Patti, Photography
Road cruiser

   This car is a reasonably familiar sight to me but always, 
   it takes me by surprise.  A stealth car, it cruises by in
   silence as though on a visit from the past and still I am
   yet to catch a glimpse of the driver. 

   Under the glare of the mid morning sun I caught the 
   cruiser in action, not at all sure of what I might get, 
   in the full road rays of a quiet New York City moment.

13 thoughts on “Vista Cruising

  1. I have a theory that as cars got smaller in size, so did the birth rate. My first car was a Volvo station wagon- well, not mine but my parents. If they ever found out what happened on that back seat! And sometimes on the front one, too! 🙂 Ah, what memories!


  2. Great shot Patti 🙂 Now thats the type of car I would own if I lived in Manhattan, only I would tie tires around it like a tugboat and dare people to get in my way 🙂 I love the light rays in this shot also. Nice find and great job.


  3. Maybe my imagination is running away with me but those rays of sun you have so cleverly captured look like Aliens are beaming it away. A real tractorbeam.
    I know get a life ;0).


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