23 thoughts on “Bradbury Breeze

  1. Patti, I’m so glad Laurie asked the questions that she did because I was interested to learn the story too! Such a wonderful shot. I love the dimension the woman’s movement adds to the photo! And, as others have commented, that beautiful light reflecting off the walls and the floor is fantastic. I just love everything about this shot!!


    1. Laurie, I have absolutely no idea if she knew I was photographing her – she walked by so quickly, hence the blur! I was actually waiting for a clear moment to have that space free knowing that behind me there were people here, there and everywhere taking photos (a bit of an exaggeration but I’m sure you know what I mean . . .) but while waiting I kept the camera to my face which I often do and in doing so I somehow become even more invisible, and this is with my DSLR and big fat lens. It was not a shot I went looking for but that’s more than half the fun of photography, for me at least! What about you?


      1. The unexpected shot is definitely half the fun!
        I just asked Elina about her post today, too. I’ve never really done any street photography and wondered how photographers capture the shots that you do. I’ll have to try sometime!
        For me, I often end up turning around and going back to whatever I passed that attracted my eye. Whether on the bike or the truck, I can’t tell you how often I’ve turned around.


        1. The one fundamental to street photography is lots of walking. Regardless of style and gear, it is lots of walking. Which doesn’t necessarily mean walking far but just being out on foot. Then you get to see what’s coming, what is in front of you and with time you get a feel for the street. I don’t have a car here, or your fantastic bike (!) and honestly Laurie, if you can handle that bike the way you do you are more than capable of handling a camera on the street. If you want to!


    1. Thank you Kilted! Amazing what happens when you stay put in a spot with your back to the main view – the light from the central court behind me draws the attention in an almost heavenly way!!!


    1. Thank you Emilio! The light came from the 5 story building’s central glass ceiling. A beautiful building, plain on the outside, it has wrought iron staircases with birdcage lifts. It is a popular sight for filming – Blade Runner for one!


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