That Night




He opened the door and a woman stood there on the porch with anxious eyes.

May I help you? Says the man.

Oh… I just want to see Eric.

Eric? There is no Eric in here

No Eric… ? Are you sure? Damn…

Of course I am…

She said nothing more, took two steps back and, just before he closed the door, he seen the depth of the inevitability in her face.

There was nothing to add. Nothing more to say. She had already thought of this possibility but wouldn’t believe it. What she feared the most in the last 6 years was now a reality….


26 thoughts on “That Night

  1. Your text only adds to the cinematic feel to your superb shot. Love the light. The shadow on the door just enougth.
    Big thumbs up Meho.


  2. Sympathique petite histoire qui accompagne l’image, on imagine aisément le dialogue des deux personnages! Très belle ambiance!


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