Over Run

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This building which is over run by English Ivy is on the grounds of the  Central Islip Psychiatric Facility which has been closed for years.

I would like to dedicate this post to a blogging friend named “West” who just adores vines, and her images can be seen at – West 517

I you would like to view more of my images they can be seen at –

The Visual Chronicle

29 thoughts on “Over Run

  1. So many wonderful textures and tones, Joe, just perfect for B&W. I would imagine this would be a very spooky place at night. I noticed the mention of Urbex-ing. I became acquainted with that through another blogger (SistaSuga) and was fascinated by the principle (but certainly not brave enough to join in). Are you an Urbex-er? (Can’t remember the correct lingo…)


    1. I’m a partial UrbEx-er. I am usually too worried about all the toxins like asbestos. I usually stay outside and shoot with a telephoto. You should get your feet wet with UrbEx and you can start by taking a trip to Philadelphia to Eastern State Penitentiary which is awesome. I cleaned up my blog some but I think I left the five part series about Eastern State you should check it out. Just go to The Visual Chronicle and do a search for Eastern State Penitentiary. have a great evening 🙂


    1. Thank you Laurie 🙂 I remember reading that this part of the facility was where the tuberculosis wards were located and it was believed fresh air would help the patients.


  2. That’s one overgrown house! Love the sky in this shot too . Nothing like a touch of red/oronge filter to bring it out. Thumbs up:0)


  3. THANK YOU so much Joe!!! ❤

    Gorgeous, luscious vines!! …I've got a post coming you're way… would you believe I've FINALLY found a few of my own!! I'm hoping to finish my post by tonight :)… and thanks again– BEAUTIFUL!


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