ISO100 – F2.8 – 1/500 –  17mm – Darktable and GIMP

St-Roch is the neighborhood where anybody from different social classes can meet. Hummm…. Obviously, you’ll never meet a banker there but… Snack bar or gourmet restaurant, trendy pub or tavern, anything is there.


14 thoughts on “St-Roch

  1. At first I did not like so much of the photo being dark. That was as I first opened it. Then I realized what you were doing and, wow! The focus of your shot is straight down the street, heightened by the lighting. A great image!


  2. Great use of light Meho! I find that I have a harder time to get my best shots during the day and usually try to aim for sunrise/sunset times of the day to photograph now as no matter what you are trying to capture, the lighting tends to work out the best during those times. Sunset and sunrise photos are nice, but when you look around you can notice how everything else seems to transform as the colors and the angle of the light changes.


    1. More I shoot and more I think that I should skip the mid day hours for photography. When the sun is waking up or, when he’s going to bed are the best time of the day for capturing.

      Thank you Joseph!


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