Serpent Star Fish

Black And White Photography

Serpent Star Fish


Well, it’s one of those weeks when mistakes have been made…that’s allowed, right?  I took my computer in to have additional memory installed because all of my raw files are taking up so much space.  I was so focused on getting “work” done before being without it, that I completely forgot to write my post for this week for Monochromia.  So, desperately not wanting to disappoint, I searched my iPhone photograph library.  Thankfully I had a few images from our trip to Grand Cayman that I had converted to black and white using the photo app.   I selected one and emailed the image above of a Serpent Star Fish to our family laptop and voila, I have a post.

The picture isn’t the greatest quality as it was taken with my phone, but I found this creature to be quite intriguing and the composition was satisfactory.  The Star Fish crawled out of a large Conch shell and drew quite a crowd on the beach. Kids stopped in their tracks, stopped playing catch, and ran to see what we’d found.

I had never seen a Star Fish like it before, but when we flipped it over to examine it, it had little tentacles and looked just like a Star Fish on the bottom.  Upon doing an on-line search, we discovered that it was indeed a Star Fish – a Serpent Star Fish.  Have you ever seen one?  The center was black as coal.

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Serpent Star Fish

  1. Thanks to all for the comments and compliments. I’m a little late on the scene with thanking you all! Life sure gets in the way of blogging at times! Enjoy the day!


  2. Technology can save us in various situations these days. 🙂 This is a great photo and how cool it must have been to find a starfish! Great post Robyn!


  3. Really nice save on this weeks post Robyn 🙂 I am amazed at the quality of photos people are getting out of the iPhone. This photo of yours is no exception and although you use a Nikon D800 in your daily work you have to admit this image is awesome considering the tiny little sensor in the iPhone. The Serpant Starfish is certainly an interesting creature and I have never seen anything like it. I wonder if it is a certain species specific to the waters around Grand Cayman. Great shot and very interesting post Robyn, well done 🙂


  4. Talk about fast thinking! Good for you, Robyn.
    I actually really like this photo … for the starfish of course, which I’ve never seen, but for the hands, the shadow, and the football. The starfish remains the “star” but everything else provides great back up. Nice!!


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