The Shepherd´s Pipe

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My name is Joerg Thamer and due to technical difficulties I am exactly one week late to the party.  What can I say, about the middle of May I got an  invitation to join Monochromia, thanks Joe for the vote of confidence.  It is both an honor and a pleasure for me to be part of this new photoblog.

I was born and raised in Hessen, Germany a village along the banks of the river Lahn and I still live there to this day.  I have been running around with a camera since I was a little child.  I was in charge of carrying my fathers Leica rangefinder around.  From my early twenties on, I used photography as a tool to capture things I needed for my profession as a illustrator.  Over the years a huge stockpile of photos were raised, mostly Diapos, and about 5 years ago I decided to clean up this “mess”.

What is left of them you can see (at least those I want to share), as well as my current images at this link to my site –

More of my images can be seen
at  –

22 thoughts on “The Shepherd´s Pipe

  1. What a story this photograph tells … even though I don’t know the beginning or ending, I know for sure there is a story. Excellent.


  2. I thought the bar was already set pretty high for all of us but now you’ve gone and done it. Raised it even higher! How are we supposed to compete with this? Well, yes, I know we’re not in a competition but what I mean is that now people will expect the rest of us to post such perfect photos and, frankly, once in a while I prefer to take it easy! Thanks. A lot!


  3. Congrats to be part of this really great experience and you deserve it ! And thanks to Joe for this great idea.
    I am glad to know more about you and I wish you to have fun with this new project that regroup great photographer.
    Have a nice day and good luck for sunday 🙂


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