28 thoughts on “Sitting in the Park

  1. There’s just something about your short dof that makes me feel as if I’m lying on the grass, hearing traces of conversation from far away. This is just magical!


  2. I like the way Elina focused on the grass while creating a soft creamy background, like a world of dreams. The idea expressed by other readers about what’s inside these people’s mind is so true. Congrats, great work. Will return for more. I’m hooked!


    1. I love what came to your mind when watching this photo! That person with the headphones could be me. 🙂 Thank you James for your kind comment!


  3. Great shot Elina and this is a perfect example of stopping a smelling the roses along the way. Almost any photographer will tell you they are good at observing people, places or things, its just what we do. I love the way you used shallow depth of field to give this image a dreamlike quality. Great job 🙂


    1. Indeed, I suppose photographers have a very ‘visual mind’ and they enjoy the role of an observer. I do. 🙂 I appreciate your kind words Joe!


  4. Nice shot Elina! With the use of shallow DOF on this shot it reminds me of times spent just enjoying nature while everyone else around seems to be busy with whatever they are doing in their lives. I often wonder what some of their lives might be like. Where are they going? What are their plans for the day? Are they happy with their life or just trying to get by? Not everyone enjoys the same activities but that’s what makes us unique. If everyone wanted to do the same thing, then it would be rather boring after awhile.


    1. So nice to hear your thoughts Justin! I do the same quite often… watch people pass by and wonder what’s on their mind, what kind of life they are living, are they happy… It’s fascinating to hear people’s stories, and luckily sometimes we do get a chance to hear them. 🙂 Thank you for a wonderful comment and kind words Justin!


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