Heavy Duty




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For those of you who hold my wife in high esteem- as I tend to do most days- I must tell you she is, indeed, fallible. She actually had the audacity to question my judgement when I stated I was going out to take photos. “Why not wait awhile? It will be golden hour soon”, she said. I hate when someone echoes my own words back at me. Golden Hour! I taught her that. And now she feels the need to question my judgement, restrict my creativity? I gave her the famous Emilio Pasquale stare that has left people quaking in their boot heels in the past. “Well,” she said, “if you’re not going to listen to me I might as well go along for the ride”. Not only did she not quake, she collared and leashed the neurotic chihuahua we’re dog sitting and brought her along, too! Her name is Beach (not my wife’s. The dog’s.) which I think is chihuahuan for “bitch” and she is. (I hope no children are reading or any one else easily offended by that title.) Every time I got out of the car to take a few shots, the Beach would shake and whine until I returned and would then jump onto my lap and attempt to lick the flesh from my face. At one of my last stops I found this row of “machines”. My wife laughs that I call them machines. But I am the one laughing now for once we got back home and after about a half hour of post processing, she said, “that looks better than I thought it would”. Which, I know, does not mean she thinks it is any good. But that is about the most I will get from her whenever I prove her wrong. So now I feel vindicated. Even though I had to make my own dinner that night.
And clean up after myself.
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