Guest Post: Phil Esposito

Black And White Photography, Photography

It is my pleasure to introduce this next guest contributor to you. Being a fellow New Yorker his superb images really resonate with me.

George Washington Bridge

I am a native “Brooklynite” (fageddaboutit). Outside of more than 2 decades of military service, I have lived in the same house in Brooklyn that I grew up in, my mother grew up in and that my grandparents bought when they immigrated here from Italy in the 20’s

I have been involved in photography with various degrees of dedication for over 40 years and now that I’m “retired” am fully dedicated to this craft and have made the transition from serious amateur to professional.

Like most photographers of over 20 years, I cut my teeth in a wet darkroom and am loving life in this digital age. I have been using and learning Photoshop for over 10 years and while I believe nobody really knows all, I have become accomplished in using this digital darkroom for all my post work.

My interest in photography stems from discovering Ansel Adams at a young age. While I don’t live “Zones” I subscribe to a lot of his philosophy of the shot being the score, and the print (to include darkroom work) the performance.

I’ve always loved the old Black and White movies of the thirties and forties so a love of Black and white photography was a natural progression.

I feel that a good fine art photograph should convey the emotion felt when the shutter was released. Black and White photography, with its subtleties of tonal harmonies is the perfect vehicle to articulate these emotions.

The above image is the George Washington Bridge and more of my images can be seen and purchased – Phil Esposito Photography