Guest Post – Garreth O’Brien

Black And White Photography, Garreth, Photography

Garreth is a unique individual because unlike all of the other photographers on this site he uses only a Huawei mobile phone. I hope you enjoy his work, I know I sure do.

My name is Garreth O’Brien. At 37 yrs. young I’m a proud married father to 4 sons. I’m a Republic of Ireland based mobilephone/smartphone photographer. O’Briens, is a photography page that I run and post image’s that catch my eye.  The image’s are varied from planned shoots to hip street shots. I roughly started mobile photography  back in 2011….

Views & opinions are divided when it comes to smartphone photography. I say it’s not the equipment but the artist. Black & White / Monochrome image’s speak to us more than that of a colour photo, with the simple tones that are Black & White, less is more.