6 thoughts on “Bayard Cutting Home

    1. Thank you very much Ian πŸ‘πŸ» I loved the picture quality and the IBIS of the X-H1 but unfortunately for my style of shooting the Q menu button was placed by the rear hand grip and I kept on triggering the menu. I sold it to a fellow Monochromia contributor Martha Rohl who shoots in a completely different way than I did and it’s not an issue for her. I moved on to the X-T4 and that was great except I hated the flip out fully articulating LCD screen. I have settled on an X-T5 and two X30 compact cameras and they seem to fit my shooting style perfectly. If the Q menu button is not an issue for you I would highly recommend the X-H1 (the Q menu button can be disabled or locked).


      1. Thanks Joe,
        I wasn’t looking for one, it’s just I saw one for sale recently at what I thought was a low price for what was/is a top end camera. Apparently, they weren’t that popular for some reason. Talking of which, I got a good deal on a near mint xpro3 in November and I love it. So far, fingers crossed, I’ve not experienced any of the problems some people have had with them.And, it came with 12 months warranty πŸ™‚πŸ™‚. Those x30’s of yours sound excellent, BTW. Take Care mate.Ian.

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        1. They are basically an X-T2 with in body image stabilization and a higher resolution electronic viewfinder. They also have better video features than the X-T2. The mistake that Fuji made with the X-H1 was they released the X-T3 with a faster processor a few months after releasing the X-H1. I have owned a X-Pro-1 and 2 in the past and I never had any problems with either of them. I think you’ll be fine with the X-Pro-3. You take care also mate.


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