My Twins

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Image taken with a Fujifilm X-T5 camera

Everyone seems to be talking about the latest and greatest cameras that have come to market recently. I even own the latest 40 megapixel Fuji X-T5 camera. For most instances the only camera I need to bring with me is one of my twins (or both) Fuji X30’s. They are not identical twins because one is silver (or as you film camera lovers might remember the term “Argent”). Operationally and spec wise they are identical. These cameras were introduced in 2014 and they are a whopping 12 megapixel. They feature a 2/3″ sensor (which is small by todays standards) a tack sharp fast aperture 28-112mm f/2.0 – 2.8 lens, WiFi, a tilt LCD and an electronic viewfinder. The images these little X30 cameras are capable of are stunning. Of course they have their limitations like poor high ISO performance over 1600 but that’s where the fast aperture zoom lens comes in handy. I rarely find a situation where I need to shoot over 800 ISO with these cameras. These cameras are my go to cameras for street photography.

Thank you fellow Monochromia contributor Martha Rohl for selling your black Fujifilm X30 to me. My silver X30 was getting lonely.

2 thoughts on “My Twins

  1. Joe — Isn’t it great to use a camera you really like rather than just worrying about the “latest and greatest new thing?” And you have twins! Life is good.

    Your Fujis even have a couple of years on my good old 2016 Pentax K-3ii. My buying control (retired schoolteachers need to control their buying) is to remember that Ansel Adams’ newest camera is at least 40 years old.

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    1. Thank you Don 👍🏻 I’m in love with these little compact Fuji’s. It’s very liberating creatively when you don’t have to worry about which lens to choose or what other photographic gear to bring with you. You can just concentrate on being creative. Of course there are things these cameras cannot do but the things the cameras can do far outweigh their negatives.


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