8 thoughts on “Tubas, Rose Parade

  1. They’re actually Sousaphones, in honor of its inventor the director and composer John Philip de Sousa. They behave acoustically like tubas but were intended for marching and make quite an impact on a parade!

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    1. Hi Starling, Thanks for the clarification and background, much appreciated! They really do make the marching bands special and with their reflections, photographers happy. I decided not to update the title since they are in the tuba family. Always nice to learn something new. 🙂🎶

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      1. Great capture btw! They behave acoustically like tubas and were intended for better sound projection during parades. Sousa was of Azorean descendants, so he’s a big deal here in islands where we have a strong wind band tradition. He was author of famous marches such as “The Stars and Stripes Forever” (the best known), “Washington Post” or the “Semper Fidelis” which I believe is still the official march of the US Marine Corps.

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