5 thoughts on “Southern Hawker imago, close and personal

  1. I remember reading photographer Robert Saltzman mentioning imagos but he was referring to “an unconscious idealized mental image of someone, especially a parent, which influences a person’s behavior.” Nice shot!

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    1. Many thanks, Mike 🙂 In entomology, “imago” refers to the adult stage of certain insects such as lepidoptera (butterflies, moths etc) or odonata (dragonfiles, damselflies etc.) which go through stages of metamorphosis. In the case of a dragonfly/damselfly, it’s when it leaves the nymph or aquatic stage of its life (about 9/10ths of their life cycles) and flies. At this stage of their lives they mostly mate, feed and oviposit. They’re fascinating creatures, odonata are.


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