Getting Bitten

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Scar House – Angram Walk

Grandson Mackenzie who has started taking up photography. He took a few with his old phone and when I discovered he wanted to take up the hobby I bought him a second hand Nikon D7000, which he loves. This is he taking a photo with his old phone on one of our hikes.

6 thoughts on “Getting Bitten

  1. Doesn’t it feel great if you can also give your grandchild that photography microbe ! I have a project running with one of my grandsons, but for the time being it doesn’t bite yet, but he is still young, he is 7 – I got him a Pentax K100.


      1. Haha, yes I get that, however, there is a big advantage I think, and that is that they are focused on something good, and I think this will pay of afterwards. Regards, Marc.


        1. Yes, I guess you are right. When I started in the ’70’s all I had was a s/h Praktica and a 50mm lens. I used this combination for years as I couldn’t afford another lens. It is a good grounding and stands you in god stead for your photographic life 🙂

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