Beginning A New Life

Black And White Photography, Joseph, Photography

Renovation begins on this old mill by stripping back the sheathing and replacing the rotted beams. The building sits on a raised platform so the waterfall on the Connetquat river can power the water wheel

9 thoughts on “Beginning A New Life

    1. Yes the renovation is actually done now Laurie. I took this image a few years ago. I was planning on taking an image today of the completed project but its 20 degrees with a wind chill making it feel about 5 degrees LOL. Its way too cold out for me. Thank you and stay safe with the approaching snow storm.


        1. According to the radar and local weather forecast we are supposed to get mostly rain and strong winds on the island but the last time they said that we got about 14 inches of snow LOL. Hopefully the storm stays west of the island and the winds aren’t bad enough to lose electricity. It’s too cold to not have heat.


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