8 thoughts on “Whaackers at Prague Pride

    1. Thank you, much appreciated 🙂 Whaacking is an urban dance (like Hip-Hop, Locking, Popping, House etc.). It originated in the underground gay clubs and discos in the late 70s, and is characterised by showy arm movements, poses, emotions etc. The arm movements especially are reminiscent of Kung Fu fighters with nunchakas, hence the name “Whaacking” (spelled with a double A to distinguish it from “wack”, which is a slang term for really bad dancing) and the dancers are “Whaackers”. Go to YouTube and search for Princess Lockeroo, and you can see it done well. Hope that helps 🙂


      1. Thank you for your response. Your explanation makes your image all the more interesting. Good stuff.

        I did look at Princess Lockeroo on Youtube, including a tutorial – it was certainly an education. 🙂 At my age I think it is wise to stick with my fascination with ballet.

        I look forward to your next photo.

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        1. Thank you, Don 🙂 I’m glad the explanation shed some light. I’ve been doing various kinds of urban dance styles for many years besides photographing them. I’m not much good at whaacking, maybe a bit too feminine for me. I think ladies and the gay guys do it best. Enjoy your day!


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