Punakaiki, New Zealand

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Punakaiki, New Zealand


Punakaiki is located on the South Island and this area is known as Pancake Rocks.

11 thoughts on “Punakaiki, New Zealand

      1. Thank you, Jane! Our son Dave lives with his family in Christchurch. We can see them only on Facetime. We hope things will get better and we will be able to meet them again.


          1. He was living and studying in England at the time (2011). He finished school and then moved to NZ (Nelson, Auckland, and now Christchurch) They don’t have any plans to leave Christchurch.

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              1. He does not have much time for that as he has been studying and working as a doctor. He is starting his final training for G.P. and having a little more time to enjoy life. He feels that he lives in a blessed place, especially in terms of Covid-19, although he participated in the care of patients after the massacre at the two mosques (2019)


      1. Well they proved that one case was too many Jane. Thats what the USA should have done and we wouldn’t have had to go through this circus here. It says a lot about a their female prime ministers common sense and sanctity for human life.

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