High Desert State Prison

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The High Desert State Prison was designed to incorporate much of the best technology available to corrections to provide for officer safety and the management and control of inmates. The institution opened September 1, 2000. It is administered by the Warden and 4 Associate Wardens. Command Staff consists of 10 Lieutenants and 13 Sergeants. There are approx 400 security staff and 67 support staff. New construction was completed in 2009 to add 1,344 beds to the original 2,671. Total capacity is approximately 4,176.

7 thoughts on “High Desert State Prison

  1. Interesting stats. I believe we’ve had some prisons close down around here. But it’s not because of our low crime rates.


    1. There are 3 I know of around here. None of them look like anyone is imprisoned in them. I guess it’s the nature of the design. Why would you have inmates up close to the outer fences? I just never thought of it before. I love the signs on the highways that warn drivers against picking up any hitchhikers in the vicinity.

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