Black And White Photography, Emilio, Photography

Boom Trail Trestle
Minneapolis MN

On a recent visit with my son, we went for a walk in the Boom Island Park. When I got down on my knees to grab this shot, he strolled away, pretending not to know me.

I get that a lot!

15 thoughts on “Trestle

    1. Thank you! I have not been on wp in ages and that is why I have not commented on any of your work. I am surprised you still comment on mine. I an thinking of starting a new blog and will definitely come visit!


  1. I’ve been diving into the works of the old masters, especially Caravaggio. While this sort of reminds me of his work…(it would need some person bleeding or pleading to be comparable) it does remind me of Francisco de Goya. The dark shadows… Excellent.


    1. Wow. Quite a comment. I am acquainted with Caravaggio and de Goya, though not well enough to borrow from them. I do love the use of light in the latter’s work. Thank you.

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  2. Beautiful shot. Great composition with the low angle creating a nice frame for the distant tower block. Lovely textures in the foreground. Plenty for the eye to explore. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂


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