Comparing towers

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I took this image on a rainy day during my second trip to Paris.

Here we have a modern tower representing the modern capital of France: office buildings made of concrete, glass and steel.

In the background you can see the Eiffel tower, built from 1887-1889 for the World Exhibition as a memorial landmark for the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.

At that time, it was the highest building on earth. 324m of pure iron. Really a world wonder. Until, in 1930 the Chrysler Building in New York took over the label “highest building of the world”.

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5 thoughts on “Comparing towers

  1. Excellent image and history Andre 🙂 I believe the Chrysler Building (which is a marvel in Art Deco design) held that title for one month until they completed the Empire State Building which then became the tallest building in the world for that time period. Awesome work.


    1. Thanks, Joe. I didn’t look up before, how long the Chrysler Building held that title. But, according to wikipedia, the Chrysler Building was the tallest building of the world from 1930-1931. Next came Empire State Building holding the title from 1931 to 1971.

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