She’s My Pride and Joy

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This is the Fujifilm camera that reinvigorated my photography passion. Well it’s not the exact camera, this is the fourth generation Fuji X100F. The camera I’m talking about is the first generation Fuji X100. Although the first generation X100 had its bugs and was frustrating at times there was still something very special about it. Now in its fourth generation this camera is my go to camera 80 percent of the time. She just makes me want to go out and take images. If I was given a choice of only owning one camera (my wife chuckles in the background) the X100F would be it.  She’s my pride and joy.

27 thoughts on “She’s My Pride and Joy

  1. I wouldn’t like to think what would happen if I had to make “the choice”. Believe me when I say I have tried this exercise in my mind several times. I just end up buying more stuff.
    Each of the cameras I own has taken a picture or two that I love and that makes them special in my eyes.
    People I know keep giving me stuff too I got a Pentax Spotmatic SP just before Christmas from a friend at work who’s Dad had past on with the “David you like old Camreas what about this one?” speech. I just can’t say no. Especially when it arrives in near mint condition.
    …however more about that at a later date.
    Happy New Year Joe.

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  2. As you already know, I changed my Nikon equipment for Fuji a while ago. I have the X-T2, the X-H1 and also an X100F. I can not be happier with this camera, which I use more and more every time. A great little camera! 🙂

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    1. As Ben Kanter said in a previous comment the key work is “Liberating” when thinking of this little jewel of a camera. Thank you very much Charly and I hope you, Theresa and family have a Happy and Healthy New Year.


    1. Thank you Ben 🙂 You are absolutely correct the key word is “Liberating”. I visited your site and you have some incredible images there. I couldn’t find a a WordPress follow button otherwise I would follow you. The Ricoh GR is an amazing camera also. My choice of the Fuji X100F is only because the camera is bigger than the GR and fits my hands better otherwise this post would have been about how much I love my GR. Have a Happy And Healthy New Year.

      PS I did follow your Instagram feed Ben. I can be found on Instagram @xtjoe

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        1. If I didn’t fall in love with the Fuji System the Olympus and Panasonic micro 4/3 cameras would have been my next choice for a system camera. They have an incredible mature system of lenses. When you get a chance check out Jamie McDonald’s work. He’s an Olympus visionary and produces some great work.

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