A New York State of Mind

Black And White Photography, David Jensen, Photography


I’ve had New York on my mind lately as my wife wants to attend a writing conference there in February.  Although I would not be attending the conference, I would look forward to meeting with other members of Monochromia and doing a bit of photography in the city.  My last visit was in July of 2011 and I had only five hours to take in as much as possible.  This time I would have several days to explore and, hopefully, have knowledgeable guides to show me around…hint, hint!

11 thoughts on “A New York State of Mind

  1. This is a great image David 🙂 Give me a shout before you come into town. I’m sure I could gather up some of the gang to show you around and have a few cold ones, hint..hint, nudge..nudge, say no more. Awesome work.

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