A playground

Andre, Black And White Photography, Photography

This image is quite old, but I still like it.

It’s taken in one of our former capitals of industrialism. Decades ago, huge steel plants, coal mines and similar factories in the montan industry gave thousands of workers an employment. But, they also destroyed the environment by polluting the air and the water.

In that time, there wasn’t much green in the cities. No parks for the kids to play. Freshly washed laundry hung up outside for getting dry, was already gray when fetched from the washing line.

These two guy playing football inside a former steel plant. The thick framing walls once were the outside of two huge coal or ore storages.

There were many changes during the last 30-40 years in our region: less factories, less pollution, less options for employment, many unemployed people and many serious problems for the governments to solve.

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6 thoughts on “A playground

  1. This is a great image but quite somber Andre 🙂 We have the same issues in the US with factories that pollute the air and water of surrounding communities. In some areas of the country the pollution is so severe that it has caused cancer clusters. I guess my point is this: Why is the US government so opposed to green technologies ? We could be providing so much power to communities by embracing solar and wind ( which would also create jobs ) rather than using fossil fuels or coal. Wonderful work and commentary.


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