8 thoughts on “Black and white portrait I

      1. You must be very proud of her Charly she’s beautiful 🙂 The 56mm is the crown jewel of the Fujinon lineup. There is something special about all of the Fuji lenses in the way they handle backlight. I love shooting with my X100F with backlight and creating a little flare.

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        1. I used to be a Nikonist, but I tried the X-T2 and I changed to Fuji, it’s amazing the quality being APS when my nikons were Full Frame. The X-H1 equipped with the 56mm is an unbeatable combination.

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          1. Same story here Charly 🙂 I was a Nikon user for 35 plus years and I switched from full frame also. Who needs full frame when the Fuji’s output images like these. I haven’t tried the X-H1 yet I’m still working with the X100F and X-T2 so don’t tempt me my friend, LOL.

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            1. I also have the X-T2 and there is no difference in quality with the X-H1. Only video features, and with the latest update the two cameras are very close. The X-H1 has better sealing and stronger body, but the sensor is identical.
              🙂 🙂 🙂

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