Something Simple

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As I was driving back from Silver Bay, Minnesota where I did some long exposure photography, I noticed these old pier supports and decided to investigate.  They are in a small bay where the Split Rock River runs into Lake Superior.  I really enjoyed how the ice had formed on the wood and wished I had taken more time to study them further.  At the time I was frustrated by my variable neutral density filter creating artifacts in some of the images which meant I couldn’t get the creamy water effect I was after.  I plan to pay a visit to the camera store where I purchased the filter and see what they have to say.

7 thoughts on “Something Simple

  1. This is an awesome image David 🙂 You should check out the Lee filter line which are rectangular filters that slide into a holder. The Big Stopper works very well. Although the Lee filter and filter holder are expensive investments the price is offset by the fact you only need adapter rings for various size lenses (filter diameters) to fit the filter holder. Depending on the maximum filter diameter required you might be able to get away with the Lee Seven5 system. I use it on my mirrorless system with lenses up to 72mm filter diameter with no vignetting. Good luck and wonderful work.

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    1. I have the Cokin filter holder and adaptor rings for two of my lenses. I plan to invest in ND filters for the holder and return the variable filter. I had the Cokin system for my Nikon FM and have numerous filters that fit for that holder, but had to get a new holder for my DSLR. I used this system for the eclipse last year and it worked great. Sadly, the filters for my old holder won’t fit the new one so I have to rebuild the set as needed. I have been doing some research into the issue of black bands and discovered causes and how to avoid them in the future.

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      1. There is a company based in the UK that manufactures rectangular ND filters that will fit the Cokin filter holder called Format HiTech. I think they are available on Amazon David. Check the Format HiTech website for the correct size.


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