A wall we can afford

Black And White Photography, Photography, Steven

Affordable Wall © Steven Willard

Perhaps it isn’t a wall on our southern boarder we need, but a really imposing gate. With this as an example, we can see that by showing people an imposing gate we project the idea we must have a fence to go with it. People will believe anything if it’s presented with enough authority.

Rolliflex with Ilford FP4 Plus, developed in PMK, scanned from gelatin silver print.

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5 thoughts on “A wall we can afford

  1. The image is great, and your words are spot on! Perhaps those for the wall will believe there is one!
    And no, you are NOT pathetic 🙂 I had to look this one up when people started using it: ROFLMAO
    Anyway, love the photo and the sentiment


  2. Awesome image and a great thought Steven 😀 But why save money on a wall ? We might be forced to provide healthcare for our citizens or maybe even start another war if we have all this cash floating around. If we build a big imposing wall our fearless leader can stand next to it with his tiny hands and say “now thats a wall” 😀 Great post my friend.


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