16 thoughts on “Barcelona at night I

    1. The current political debate, leaving aside the great problem of terrorism, is the tourist pressure on a city that has no habit, as if they have cities like London or Paris.
      Thank you very much for your comment, Lurie.

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  1. Beautiful image Charly 😀 I love your choice of toning to make the image look like it was taken on a colder evening. Great work. Stay strong Barcelona we all stand with you as one.

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    1. Thank you so much Joe. I am delighted that you like the tone of the image, I think that cooling the image highlights the loneliness of the street.
      I thank you for your support in the attack that has shaken Barcelona, but we will not let this change to Barcelona open, free and Mediterranean. “I’m not afraid” is a good answer.

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  2. Muy estimulante. El tono de luz que utilizó es la primera vez que lo veo. Me gustó mucho. Gracias Charly. Aprovecho la oportunidad para manifestar mi solidaridad con la Ciudad de Barcelona con respecto reciente trágico acontecimiento.

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    1. Hola Omar, muchas gracias por su comentario. Utilice este tono azulado para resaltar la soledad del lugar y enfriar algo la imagen. Muchas gracias también por su sensibilidad ante el ataque que hemos sufrido todas las personas pacíficas. “No tinc por”


    1. Many thanks Emilio, this is a corner of the rogue Barcelona that is gradually disappearing by the pressure of tourism. Conserving this Barcelona is one of the problems of the city. 🙂


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