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I first started following Mel when I saw some of the great images she took at the NYC Pride Event 2017.  I loved her shots and quickly asked her to come on board as a Guest Contributor on our site.  Welcome aboard Mel. I hope all of you enjoy her images as much as I do….Joe

Hi!!!  My name is Mel (Mary Ellen) Rolleri. I’ve lived in Connecticut for my whole life (with a 3 year stint in NYC 15 years ago). I don’t make it back into the city nearly enough.

I’ve been interested in photography for most of my adult life and recall taking a darkroom class 30 years ago, but life happens, and photography took a back seat for years.

I really started to get into it maybe six years ago when we were in Italy. I took tons of pictures with whatever iteration of iPhone I had at the time, and mostly with the Hipstamatic app, which is still one of my favorites.

When I returned home from that trip, I sold all of my Canon gear, for a much smaller, lighter, mirrorless system. I started with Olympus, but recently switched to Fujifilm. I am absolutely in love with these cameras!!!

In the past, I’ve mostly shot landscapes, seascapes, sunrises, and sunsets – the beauty of nature. I also enjoy architectural photography and still life. Let’s just say, I shoot anything I find interesting or beautiful.

I rarely took pics of people. In fact, I’d get annoyed when they were in my shot. But I’ve always loved street photography as a genre, before I even knew there was a name for it. As I look around my house, at artwork I have on my walls, I have seven framed prints of what I know now to be famous street photos (Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, etc). I’ve had them for close to 30 years.

I’ve been toying with street photography for about two years, but really got hooked since participating in the Women’s March in NYC in January.  I’ve since gone to the NYC gay pride parade, and had a wonderful time shooting there. I shot both of those with my camera set to shoot in both color and monochrome, and loved the experience of seeing the black and white image on the screen as I took the shots. Many people asked why I was posting B&W from the pride parade, since it was so colorful, and all I could say was:  the black and whites moved me, unlike any of the ones in color. The absence of distraction, the tones, the contrasts. It’s made me want to really concentrate on black and white for all different genres, not just street. So that’s what I’m planning to do!

You can see more of my images at –


16 thoughts on “Guest Post – Mel Rolleri

  1. I have to agree with Jane, your intro is upbeat and captures the joy inherent in the image you chose. Love the shot. I took a look at your smugmug site and maybe it’s time for me to reconsider using them. Your site is really impressive but it’s probably your talent and has nothing to do with smugmug. Welcome.

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      1. I started an instagram site but have not kept it up. Guess I should give it another go. But it just seems too cumbersome and time consuming to download my photos from dropbox, then email them to myself, then open them on my phone and download them, then upload to instagram. Any suggestions to make it easier?

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        1. i actually wifi my photos from camera to my phone, edit slightly in snapseed app, then put them on instagram, with an auto post to facebook. just started doing it this year. i really like that it’s just for photos, and easy to see a whole gallery. i put way more pics there, than my website.


  2. I love this image Mel 😀 It reminds me of what a fun day Martha and I had it this Pride event. We must have missed each other by a few feet because I was shooting on Christopher Street the entire day. Welcome aboard to our little club, superb work.

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