Black And White Photography, Emilio, Photography

Lake Las Vegas
October 1. 2016

You’re so obvious,
you’re so oblivious,
and now you wonder why,
you’re the one alone.
So don’t apologize,
you don’t even realize,
you screwed it up this time
now you’re the one alone.

Avril Lavigne

12 thoughts on “Alone

    1. Thanks, Robyn. I like Avril Lavigne but don’t know if I’ve ever heard this song. Once I saw the lyrics, though, there was no other choice.


  1. Gosh what an excellent image, the exposure has been so well controlled: It is just what one would expect from a Fuji camera BUT I notice you have used spot metering, so the credit is down to you !!
    Well made.


    1. Thanks, David. Sounds like you really studied this image. I really appreciate it! As I mentioned to Joe in his comment, I was afraid of going too dark.


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